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Look to the future!

Planning for your future is an important task that all of us should focus on and dedicate time to. From a legal perspective it is important that each person focuses on  the following three areas: Enduring Power of Attorney—to complete a legal document in the event that he/she is  not mentally capable of making future…Read More’re on camera!

The use of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) for surveillance and security purposes is now widespread.  What people may not realise is that the recording of a persons image is considered recording personal data.  Furthermore, the quality and sophistication of CCTV systems now mean that faces, images and recordings may be clearly recorded.

Going, Going, Gone!

The trend for the sale of properties by public auction continues to grow with various auction houses advertising the sale of properties on an almost monthly basis. While these sales appear to be very tempting, the rule “Proceed with extreme caution” still applies and the following is a short guide if you are considering buying…Read More