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Pierse Fitzgibbon Solicitors’re on camera!

The use of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) for surveillance and security purposes is now widespread.  What people may not realise is that the recording of a persons image is considered recording personal data.  Furthermore, the quality and sophistication of CCTV systems now mean that faces, images and recordings may be clearly recorded.

Going, Going, Gone!

The trend for the sale of properties by public auction continues to grow with various auction houses advertising the sale of properties on an almost monthly basis. While these sales appear to be very tempting, the rule “Proceed with extreme caution” still applies and the following is a short guide if you are considering buying…Read More

Littering isn’t just unlawful

Wasn’t it a marvelous achievement last autumn for the Listowel Tidy Towns group winning an award Tidiest Small Town In Ireland 2015, 22 years after it first entered the National Tidy Town Award Competition.  As residents we were all so proud of their achievement and proud to be living in such a beautiful and well…Read More

When your wheels stop you rolling!

Evidence of the large increase in car sales this year is witnessed with all the 161 registrations travelling the country.  As we move into the ‘162 reg’ season, more people are considering a new car, and an influx of second hand cars as a result.  Unfortunately some sales come at a price!