Do the new Health & Safety Rules apply to my house extension?

I have been told that the new Health and Safety Rules apply as I have recently obtained Planning Permission for an extension to my house and I now intend to start this work.  Can you please explain how these rules apply to me.

The new Health, Safety and Welfare at Work (Construction Amendment) Regulations 2012 came into force on the 1st June, 2013.  These regulations will result in a significant change to Construction Safety Regulations and will effect small works on domestic properties.

The effect of these regulations is that from the 1st June, 2013 any person considering building works in their own home must appoint a project supervisor for the design stage and for the construction stage.  The project supervisor for the design stage will be an Architect or engineer and the construction stage will be the Contractor involved.  Both of these parties must be able to demonstrate that they are in a position to carry out their duties competently.  Failure to appoint the project supervisor for the design stage and the project supervisor for the construction stage or failure by these parties to carries out their duties can carry very severe fines and even jail sentences.  Examples of the type of work which are covered by the new Regulations are as follows:

  • Building a new house.
  • A new extension.
  • An attic conversion.
  • Refitting a kitchen.
  • Reslating a roof.
  • Fitting solar panels
  • Fitting roof skylights.

The Regulations also specify that if the works are proposed to be carried out in less than thirty working days or 500 man hours then they would be exempt from the regulations.  Further information regarding the Regulation is available from the HSA website  These new rules obviously will have a bearing on the work that you can carry out to your dwellinghouse and ideally prior to undertaking any works and at planning stage if required you should consult with  your Solicitor who will deal with all title matters and your Architect/Engineer.