Cyclists Beware

Readers will be aware of the phenomenal increase in cyclists using our roads.  Cycling Ireland has seen an increase of 500% in memberships over the past five years.  The Government and the Gardai have also noticed!
Fixed Charge Notice
Since the 31st July, 2015 cyclists who commit certain road offences will pay a fixed charge of €40.00.  The offences include cycling without consideration, not having lamps during lighting up hours, breaking red lights, cycling in pedestrianized areas and not stopping for a school warden.
Cyclists will receive a fixed charge notice in the post at the address they supply to the Garda member that detects then committing the offence.  They will then be given twenty eight days to pay the fine and if they comply the matter will go no further.
Failure to pay the fine within that period will result in the fine being increased by 50% to €60 with a 56 day window to pay.
If the fine remains unpaid, a summons will issue and the matter will be dealt with by the Court where members of the judiciary can impose fines of up to €2,000.
Those cyclists who give a false name and address to the Garda will be prosecuted outside of the on the spot fine system.
Cyclists are vulnerable members of the road-using population. We have a number of files in our office for people who have unfortunately sustained personal injuries generally when struck by an inattentive car driver.  These cyclists suffer very bad injuries, loss of earnings and a loss of enjoyment of the sport that obviously has become very important to them.
Cyclists can also cause accidents .  For this reason we recommend that cyclists become a member of Cycling Ireland, where they will be able to purchase insurance cover at a very reasonable cost by virtue of their membership, or check their household policy as this insurance cover can often cover members of the household for personal accidents.
Ring of Kerry thank you
In the last article I wrote I mentioned that I was cycling the Ring of Kerry for Down Syndrome Ireland—Kerry Branch.  I was deeply touched by the amount of contributions that were made into our offices in Pierse Fitzgibbon.  Thank you sincerely to all people who contributed, your generosity is noted!
Pierse Fitzgibbon would like to congratulate Aidan O’Connor and his Committee at Listowel Celtic for the brilliant job they did at hosting the soccer International between Ireland and Scotland.  The grounds looked spectacular and the event was very professionally run.