The right to return goods!

A colleague told me of her recent frustration in relation to an item she bought for a child as a birthday present.  The present in question was a silver ring that was a great hit with the child, but within two months it snapped in two.  When the shop was contacted and told of the problem, and althought my colleague had the gift receipt, the shop said it wasn’t an issue for them to take it up with the manurfacturer directly.  Obviously, this wasn’t the outcome she was expecting!
The shop did not handle this situation in the correct manner and in line with the Competition and Consumer Protection Act 2014.
Your rights when shopping
If you buy a product it must be:

  1. Fit for purpose;
  2. Of acceptable quality;
  3. Match the description of the product given by reseller.

Faulty products
If you have a faulty product that is considered to be a major fault and you are not to blame for it, and it occurs within six months after you buy it, it is presumed it existed at the time of purchase, and you are entitled to a full refund or replacement.
If you have a minor fault, it should be repaired or replaced, and if this is not possible a full refund should be provided.
Things to know when shopping

  • If you have a faulty product, return it to the retailer with proof of purchase (this does not have to be a receipt)
  • It is the responsibility of the retailer to sort out the problem not the manufacturer
  • If you agree to a repair, it must be permanent
  • If you opt for a replacement, it should be the same as the item you originally purchased
  • Repairs/replacements should be free of charge
  • If you buy something in a sale and later you discover a fault, you have the same rights as though it wasn’t on sale
  • If the item is now at a reduced sale price, you are entitled to the original price you paid for the item
  • If you are not happy with the response from the retailer you can use the Small Claims process for items valued under €2k. Contact the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) for more specific information.

However, if you caused the fault or changed your mind, the retailer is under no obligation to offer any type of compensation.
Happy Shopping!