Helena O’Carroll

All roads in Listowel lead to the racecourse and amusements this coming week but what are the important legal tips for these venues….….?

  1. Under current Irish law, you cannot make a bet until you are 18 years of age. It is currently an offence for a person under age 18 to even be in a bookmakers. 
  2. Online gambling is perfectly legal in Ireland provided you are 18 or older.  It is legal for Irish citizens to engage in online gambling through legally licensed offshore sites as well as domestic certified sites.  The key to ensuring that your online gambling is always on the legal side is to only visit and participate at those online gambling destinations that are legally licensed, regulated and certified.  
  3. Currently under Irish law persons aged 16 can enter an amusement hall or arcade which may contain slot-machines.
  4. The legal age to consume alcohol in Ireland is 18. That means you must be at least 18 years old it to buy, attempt to buy, or consume alcohol in Ireland. It is also illegal to obtain alcohol for anybody below the minimum age.    If you are under 18 you can’t even step inside an off-license unless you are with a parent or guardian. 
  5. There are no restrictions on enjoying alcohol if you are over 18, as long as you are enjoying alcohol sensibly. If you overindulge and are becoming a nuisance or even a danger (to yourself or others), then the Gardai may become involved. You might be warned by the Gardai to act sensibly and/or move along. If you fail to co-operate you could find yourself being asked to come along to the garda station.
  6. If you drive after consuming alcohol you leave yourself open to being arrested for drink driving if you have consumed alcohol in excess of the current drink driving limits. There are specific drink driving limits, but the volume of alcohol required to reach these limits can vary from person to person and one drink may now put you over the limit. 

The best legal tip – if you are driving don’t drink.  If you are drinking don’t drive!

The best non-legal tip – the way to make money is to keep it in your pocket!