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What do I need to know if I am renting?

“Part 4 Tenancy” If you live in a residential property for more than six months, a “Part 4 Tenancy” occurs.  This entitles you to remain in the property for a further set period.  As and from 24th December 2016, a Part 4 Tenancy has been increased from four to six […]

Family Law Update: Proposed changes to Divorce Law

On the 24th November 1995, just over 50% of the Irish public voted in favour of legalising Divorce. In May of this year, it is now becoming increasingly likely that the Government will hold the first referendum on Divorce since it was legalised 23 years ago. What is a Decree […]

Changing Times

The legal practice and procedures when it comes to buying and selling property has   changed from the 1st January 2019.  The changes were introduced by the Law Society of Ireland so that a faster and more efficient way to buy and sell property is being   introduced for all. The new […]

Gift Vouchers & The Law

What do you buy for the pickiest of gift recipients, or for that person who appears to have everything? A gift voucher of course!   With Christmas well and truly on our doorstep, many of us are excitedly purchasing gift vouchers for loved ones. This article will deal with the law […]

Zero Tolerance……

Following months of debate and strong opposition by TDs from the Rural Independent Group to the Road Traffic (Amendment) Act 2018, the Minister for Transport has commenced certain provisions of the Act which came into effect at midnight on 25th October 2018.  Previously, drink drivers at the lower end of […]

Electric Cars……Toll Savers……

A new tolling incentive regime for electric vehicles (EVs) is being introduced this summer in a bid by the Government to increase the number of electric cars on the road. New and second hand EV drivers will be entitled to discounts on toll roads       throughout the country. There will be a […]

Stamp Duty Relief for Land

In the most recent budget the rate of Stamp Duty on non-residential property transactions increased from 2% to 6% with effect from midnight on 10th October 2017. It was expected that the budget would increase the rate of stamp duty for non- residential property although the extent of the increase […]

Health and well being for all our Team

On Saturday 26th May the Pierse Fitzgibbon team attended a talk with Tom Coleman, a Nutritional & Health Consultant.  The overall goal of the sessions was to “raise awareness, empower clients to improve their health, reduce risk behaviors, deal with Stress, manage their work/life balance better and reduce the impact of poor […]