At Pierse Fitzgibbon Solicitors we recognise the importance of acting fast when dealing with the recovery of any outstanding debt – both commercial debt and consumer debt. Pierse Fitzgibbon Solicitors is able to offer a reliable and comprehensive legal debt recovery solution, due to the firm’s depth of knowledge, efficiency and expert advice.

“Effective debt management is critical to the viability of any business entity”

We have developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the specialised area of legal debt recovery solutions and represent clients ranging from financial institutions and credit unions to commercial clients, utility companies and government agencies.

Our benefits

  • Advice is tailored to meet the specific requirements of each individual case
  • Debt recovery skills plus knowledge in many specialised areas of enforcement
  • Legal debt recovery team is highly skilled, motivated and experienced

Our objective is to secure a judgment

Once you refer a file to Pierse Fitzgibbon Solicitors for legal action, our objective is to secure judgment on your behalf as quickly as possible. Based on the circumstances of each case, we then seek to enforce that judgment and recover the monies outstanding as expediently as possible.

Our work process is highly automated which allows us to deliver a timely and efficient service in an environment where swift action is critical.

Competitive Fee Structure

We offer a very competitive fee structure which is based on a fixed fee per legal transaction stage. This fixed charge allows you to make a reasonable estimation of the cost of taking proceedings when making your decision to take legal action.