“The importance of planning for the future”

The main purpose of a will is to ensure that your loved ones are cared for and protected after you die. In this emotional period, many tasks require attention and many important decisions have to be made with regard to tax, property and personal belongings. A Will is planning for the future, safeguarding that your wishes are carried out legally and that proper provisions are made for dependent relatives, this may involve the setting up of a Trust.

We are here to help

At Pierse Fitzgibbon we are here to help you to plan for the future and explain to you the benefits of a will as well as the legal and complex matters of the Succession Act – the distribution of the assets of the deceased.

When somebody dies their assets, which are now called their estate, must be distributed in accordance with the provisions of the Succession Act, so that they pass to those legally entitled to them. Where a deceased person has made a will this process is called Probate. Where there is no will made the deceased person is said to have died intestate and the process is called Administration.

We can carefully guide our clients through these processes so that the estate is distributed in an efficient and timely manner with all debts and tax liabilities discharged. The rules relating to the distribution of estates also provides for civil partners since January 2011.

Our areas of expertise cover:

  • Drafting/ preparing Wills
  • Tax implications of Wills and Trusts
  • Probate and Administration of estates
  • Advice on Trusts & Wardships

Our benefits

  • Minimise the tax burden or avoid altogether any liability for Inheritance Tax

Our objective

Our objective is to carefully advise and assist our clients when preparing a will; this enables them to have peace of mind knowing that all is taken care of. But keep in mind: it is important to seek timely professional advice and assistance.