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Lessons learned from school accident

Injury There was an interesting recent High Court case just prior to Christmas where a student who sustained an injury while playing hockey lost a High Court action over an injury sustained. It seems the student in question slipped on wet grass as she retrieved a ball that  had  gone  […]

Don’t forget the victims

Insurance spin Sunday 20th November was World Day of Remembrance for the victims of road traffic accidents. I felt a significant frustration for the families of victims and those injured in accidents. Currently Insurance Companies are raising insurance premiums and they are trying to blame high awards given to victims […]

Fatal Accident Compensation Claim

The death of a loved one, tragically, in an accident is a shocking and traumatic experience.  The grief and loss can never be compensated in monetary terms.  However, the practical financial implications to a family, of a sudden and tragic death, all too quickly become apparent and survivors should be […]