Smile…you’re on camera!

The use of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) for surveillance and security purposes is now widespread.  What people may not realise is that the recording of a persons image is considered recording personal data.  Furthermore, the quality and sophistication of CCTV systems now mean that faces, images and recordings may be […]

Data Protection and CCTV

As everybody knows the use of CCTV systems has expanded greatly.  In fact people can buy a CCTV system for their own house in the supermarket at a  greatly reduced rate.  Some of the systems in public premises can be quite sophisticated and have the capacity to recognise faces.  If […]

Is Big Brother Watching?

When do Data Protection laws apply and what are they? You have certain rights to data protection when personal information about you is held by a business on a computer, in manual form or on paper as part of a filing system, or is made up of photographs or video […]