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Online Shopping

Online shopping is a modern day reality.  Despite its impersonal nature, the industry is growing and it allows the consumer to buy goods without the parking, queuing and general stress associated with conventional shopping.  However, many consumers are cautious about purchasing online and do not know where they stand legally […]

Money owed – Question & Answer

Question: I am owed €7,489.00 by a company that is refusing to pay me. Can I wind up the company to get my money? You can certainly try but winding up a company is not an easy task.  It involves engaging the Court process to have a Liquidator appointed to […]

Better the debtor you know…..

When times were good, credit was given to whoever would sign on the dotted line. Often people failed to establish exactly “who is the customer…….a sole trader, business, partnership, limited company”? Now the economy is not so vibrant and creditors are rightfully anxious to recover all outstanding debts. Not knowing […]

Debt Collection

We live in a time where there is a lot of concern about debt be it personal debt or business related debt. There is no doubt that creditors are increasingly seeking to have their day in Court to obtain Judgment against their debtors. Debts can vary from a sum as […]