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Jury Duty

Every Irish citizen from the age of 18 who is on the Register of Electors is eligible for Jury service  There is no payment  for  jury service. Travelling expenses are not allowed. If you are serving as a Juror, lunch will be provided on the day or days that the trial is on. If you are in employment, […]

Damages and Compensation in a Court Case

A court may remedy a civil action in a number of different ways. However, the most common remedy sought by an injured party (Plaintiff) in a civil action is monetary compensation.  Monetary compensation is also referred to as damages and this article will explore the various ways in which a […]

Serving on a Criminal Jury

In her recent article here my colleague, Martina Larkin, wrote of the duty to comply with a jury summons.  Today I want to examine the procedure involved in the selecting of and serving on a jury. A person called for jury service attends Court as part of a panel of […]

Sentencing in Irish Courts

Do you ever wonder how a Judge reaches a decision on the appropriate sentence to impose when dealing with an accused person who has pleaded guilty or has been found guilty of an offence or a number of offences? The basic principle which a Judge must consider in deciding the […]