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The Rights of Relationships

Married couples Most people getting married look forward to the actual wedding day and setting up home together, but the couple may not be as aware of the different legal ways of getting married, how marriage will change your legal status, legal prerequisites for marriage, notification requirements, the registration of […]

The Legal Effect of a Divorce

There are many legal and other consequences arising from a Divorce. It is a striking feature of the Irish Divorce legislation that the financial obligations of one spouse to another continue beyond the marriage, except in certain circumstances. There is really no such thing as a “clean break”. A clean […]

Your Pension – A valuable Asset on Separation

Pensions have largely taken over from property as the most valuable matrimonial asset in a Judicial Separation or Divorce case. Until quite recently, one’s primary assets consisted of property, bank accounts, cars etc. However, there is no doubt but that pensions have now become the primary focus. Until the mid […]

Separation and the Legal Right Share?

It will come as no surprise to most people that the relationship between man and wife has been given priority under the Succession Act 1965. The act allows for an automatic right of the spouse to a share of the deceased’s estate upon their death whether or not there is […]