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Nullity of Marriage – The Facts

Prior to the introduction of divorce in Irish law, a nullity decree was one of the few ways of ending a marriage.  This article will explain what is meant by a decree of nullity, the conditions upon which such a decree is granted and the consequences of such a decree. […]

Sweet 16

I am 16 years old and my boyfriend wants to buy me a tattoo for Christmas.  I really want to get one on my lower back but I know my parents will go ballistic if they hear this!!  Am I legally entitled to get one or do I need my […]

Separation and the Legal Right Share?

It will come as no surprise to most people that the relationship between man and wife has been given priority under the Succession Act 1965. The act allows for an automatic right of the spouse to a share of the deceased’s estate upon their death whether or not there is […]

Duties of Executor or Administrator

The first duty of an executor or administrator, usually called the personal representative, is to safeguard the assets of the deceased person. This can often create difficulty where the deceased was the owner of a business or a farm. If the personal representative cannot do so, a relative will usually […]