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Injury Compensation Claims: Time Limit Traps to Watch

Statute of Limitations The term Statue of Limitations refers to the law which states the length of time a person has to make a personal injury compensation claim following an accident.  If not made within the appropriate time, the claim is lost no matter how serious the injury may be. […]

Lessons learned from school accident

Injury There was an interesting recent High Court case just prior to Christmas where a student who sustained an injury while playing hockey lost a High Court action over an injury sustained. It seems the student in question slipped on wet grass as she retrieved a ball that  had  gone  […]

Injured Abroad? Claim in Ireland

Any road traffic accident, especially involving personal injury, is a stressful and traumatic experience, all the more so when it happens abroad, away from home and support. Such accidents are increasingly common now with so many Irish people taking their cars to the UK and Europe on holiday. A useful […]