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Dash Cams and Drones

We have all become used to the camera phone however readers may be interested to note that more and more people are mounting dash board cameras on their private cars and commercial vehicles also the presence of drones taking images over public places is also becoming a common sight.

Smile…you’re on camera!

The use of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) for surveillance and security purposes is now widespread.  What people may not realise is that the recording of a persons image is considered recording personal data.  Furthermore, the quality and sophistication of CCTV systems now mean that faces, images and recordings may be […]

Privacy and Deleting the Dirt!

Up to about two or three years ago I always felt Data Protection Laws were a nuisance and bureaucracy when running a business.  My attitude has changed considerably and I now accept that there is a huge responsibility on all businesses to properly process data and information they have on […]

Using the Internet at Work: Who’s Watching?

It is safe to say that almost every employee in Ireland has access to internet and email in the workplace in order to complete their everyday tasks. Unfortunately, it cannot be denied that such use of internet and email often results in misuse. Such misuse can lead to many difficulties, […]

Is Big Brother Watching?

When do Data Protection laws apply and what are they? You have certain rights to data protection when personal information about you is held by a business on a computer, in manual form or on paper as part of a filing system, or is made up of photographs or video […]