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Why have a Will?

There are many advantages to making a Will, including: CHOICE: You choose the people who will carry out your wishes CERTAINTY: You leave your assets to the people you choose PROTECT: Protect your family and the people who depend on you AVOID TAX: Minimise or avoid any inheritance tax payable By making a Will […]

How to make a Will

For those of you who have never previously made a Will here is some advice on the information that is generally required when you are making a Will.   The first piece of advice is that you should always make your will with a solicitor.   While some people endeavour to make […]

The Importance of Making a Will

As another year draws to a close, it may be an opportune time to reconsider those resolutions and promises that you made at the beginning of 2011. One resolution that often features on a person’s list is to make a Will or if they have already made a Will to […]

Duties of Executor or Administrator

The first duty of an executor or administrator, usually called the personal representative, is to safeguard the assets of the deceased person. This can often create difficulty where the deceased was the owner of a business or a farm. If the personal representative cannot do so, a relative will usually […]

Wills and Intestacy

A will is a document in which the person signing it directs what is to happen to their property after their death. A person who makes a will is called a testator. A will has no effect until the testator dies. A testator can change a will at any time. […]