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The Pitfalls of Buying a Repossessed House

Repossessed properties are usually advertised as such. The vendor is a bank who has a mortgage on the property. The owner has failed to make the repayments. The bank has obtained possession either by having taken the necessary legal steps to evict the owner or the owner has voluntarily given […]

Reform of Repossession Law on the way!

There has been a lot of publicity about the recent memorandum of understanding between the Troika and the Government which requires the Irish authorities to “introduce legislation remedying the issues identified by case law in the 2009 Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act so as to remove unintended constraints on […]

Before the Auction: A Guide to Buying Property at Auction

A property auction is a public sale, usually held at an auctioneers’ salesroom, designed to provide a way of selling properties quickly and easily. Properties come to auction for a number of reasons: the vendor may require a quick sale, the property may have been repossessed, the property may require […]

Septic Tank Registration Deadline 1st February 2013

As you will be aware from previous advertiser articles the Water Services (Amendment) Act 2012 was enacted last year regulating the registration of all septic tanks in this country.  The purpose of the Act is to ensure that waste water from septic tanks  and other individual waste water treatment systems […]

Registering Your Septic Tank: What is Involved?

In previous articles in this series, we have focused on the provisions of the Water Services (Amendment) Bill 2012, which was enacted in January of this year. The purpose of this Act is to ensure that waste water from septic tanks and other individual waste water treatment systems are disposed […]

Selling Property

As Seller or Vendor you will first have to decide on how you wish to market your property. You may decide to engage an auctioneer or you may decide to advertise yourself through the local or national press or on-line. Almost everybody employs an auctioneer. Self-sales are very uncommon in […]

New Septic Tank Charges

In a recent article in this series we focused on the provisions of the Water Services (Amendment) Bill 2011. As you will recall the Bill was published on the 3rd November 2011 and set out the changes proposed to be introduced with regard to the registration of in particular, septic […]

Mortgage Arrears – Any Solutions?

We are currently in an era where it would appear that report after report is being generated to deal with the myriad of problems we are encountering both at an economic and social level in this country. The most recent of these reports is the Inter Departmental Mortgage Arrears Working […]