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Zero Tolerance……

Following months of debate and strong opposition by TDs from the Rural Independent Group to the Road Traffic (Amendment) Act 2018, the Minister for Transport has commenced certain provisions of the Act which came into effect at midnight on 25th October 2018.  Previously, drink drivers at the lower end of […]

Learner Drivers and the Law: Know your Obligations

Many of you will be familiar with the tragic road traffic accident which occurred in County Cork in 2015, involving a learner driver. The learner driver in question failed to yield at a junction and  collided with another vehicle, causing the untimely deaths of a mother and her daughter.

Penalty Points – NCT confusion

Penalty points are used to enforce offences that affect road safety. If however you are one of approximately four thousand road users that were prosecuted for not having an NCT cert you should pay close attention to this article.