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The right to return goods!

A colleague told me of her recent frustration in relation to an item she bought for a child as a birthday present.  The present in question was a silver ring that was a great hit with the child, but within two months it snapped in two.  When the shop was […]

Online Shopping

Online shopping is a modern day reality.  Despite its impersonal nature, the industry is growing and it allows the consumer to buy goods without the parking, queuing and general stress associated with conventional shopping.  However, many consumers are cautious about purchasing online and do not know where they stand legally […]

When is an Offer Not an Offer?

Q. Shoppers are always pleased to see “offers” advertised in their local supermarket, with “3 for the price of 2” or “buy one get one half price” being good examples of discounts that are commonly touted.  However, my experience of attempting to avail of such discounts in my large local […]