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Did you know………….?

If you are married with children and die without making a Will, it is not the case that your surviving husband/wife will be entitled to all of your property held in your sole name (excluding property held in joint names) i.e. house, land, money etc. This is a common mistaken […]

What happens to my property if I do not make a Will?

There is often a mistaken belief as to what happens a person’s property in a situation where they die without making a will.  A person’s property, upon death, forms part of what is called their” estate” and it includes real property i.e. house, land, sites etc. and personal property i.e. […]

Local Property Tax – Who is liable?

As everybody now knows if you are the owner of a residential property on the 1st of May, 2013 you are liable for Local Property Tax. In most cases it is obvious who is liable for the tax but there are some situations where this may not be clear and […]