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Who Inherits when there is no Will?

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for people to die without making a Will.  A Will makes it much easier for your family to sort out your affairs when you die. Without a Will it can make the process of having your affairs dealt with, on your death more time consuming […]

Estate Planning – Prepare and Protect!

Estate planning can be an uncomfortable process as it forces us to think and prepare for our eventual deaths.  This leads us to consider how we are going to provide for our families once we die.  Making a valid Will is the best way of ensuring that your wishes are […]

Look to the future!

Planning for your future is an important task that all of us should focus on and dedicate time to. From a legal perspective it is important that each person focuses on  the following three areas: Enduring Power of Attorney—to complete a legal document in the event that he/she is  not […]

Did you know………….?

If you are married with children and die without making a Will, it is not the case that your surviving husband/wife will be entitled to all of your property held in your sole name (excluding property held in joint names) i.e. house, land, money etc. This is a common mistaken […]

What happens to my property if I do not make a Will?

There is often a mistaken belief as to what happens a person’s property in a situation where they die without making a will.  A person’s property, upon death, forms part of what is called their” estate” and it includes real property i.e. house, land, sites etc. and personal property i.e. […]

Why have a Will?

There are many advantages to making a Will, including: CHOICE: You choose the people who will carry out your wishes CERTAINTY: You leave your assets to the people you choose PROTECT: Protect your family and the people who depend on you AVOID TAX: Minimise or avoid any inheritance tax payable By making a Will […]

Transferring the Family Farm

Transferring the family farm is a very big step and there are many matters to be considered when a decision is made by a farmer to transfer the farm to his/her child/other family member.  The best way of going about things is for the farmer to speak with his/her solicitor […]

How to make a Will

For those of you who have never previously made a Will here is some advice on the information that is generally required when you are making a Will.   The first piece of advice is that you should always make your will with a solicitor.   While some people endeavour to make […]